Sinking Isle De Jean Charles In Louisiana Underestimated By Public

Sinking Isle De Jean Charles In Louisiana Underestimated By Public

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As floods become more disastrous, as storms become stronger and sea level rise, the world will progressively testify a new kind of refugees – climate refugees. Nowadays, Louisiana’s shows the crucial need for serious measures to combat evident climate change.
Is Louisiana sinking?

For Louisiana, the stakes couldn’t be higher at this moment. The swampland that once served as a buffer against floods and storms while providing generous resources are continuing to vanish at an disturbing rate. It is unpleasant truth – Louisiana coast is sinking rapidly, much faster than any other shore on the entire planet.

The people of Isle de Jean Charles did almost nothing to contribute to such drastic climate change, but they are not alone. With no ice to protect their seaside villages from rough waves and storms, communities in Alaska are also under pressure.

The price is high, to move just one village, estimated price is $250m. Isle de Jean Charles has lost 95% of its population and land to rising sea levels and remaining residents are faced with necessary relocation.

Due to the sea level rise and land loss, Louisiana has one of the wildest rates of land loss in the entire country. Since the 1940s, the state has lost nearly 5,000 square miles of land, comparable to approximately one football field every 30 minutes. Today, most of the tribe’s 800 members are spread all around southern Louisiana.
Shocking Temperature Records and Climate Change Refugees
We can count on a more severe and unpredictable weather, these impacts are coming much faster as the rate and extent of changes such as increased heat waves, floods, rising seas and climbing temperatures surpass prognoses.

The enormous ice sheets of Antarctica are collapsing with a much more immense speed than experts calculated. With rising heat in the Arctic speeding the rate of ice melting, the first three months of this year have already reached shocking temperature records. Some analytics expect the world will see thousands climate refugees in the next decade, at a shocking political and financial cost. One short term solution comes from donations made by generous companies like.

Others already debate that the millions of Syrians are as much refugees from climate change as from war and so on. From Netherland to New Zeeland, from Brazil to Japan, thousands of near coast areas are endangered.

The Future?
This is the first share of federal tax that will help people who have struggled with the effects of climate problems and change. The entire world could face massive problems in the coming years as it challenges a new category -climate refugees. Is there any hope in this depressing picture? The problem is global, it is alarming and call to action. To solve this problem, project planners will highlight long-term environmental sustainability, from land use practices to organic housing design. Some steps are made, The Paris Agreement was such huge step. If we are to keep the planet’s temperature stable every nation must live up to that agreement, otherwise we will face catastrophic consequences.

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